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Follow the instructions within this wizard to have your personal Notary Public Website and E-Mail running in about 10 minutes. You will even have the opportunity to upload your own photograph if you wish to include it on your webiste.

Your site is automatically published and accessible as soon as payment is verified. If you have purchased a Gold Package Notary Class Upgrade from www.NotaryClasses.com, you will not be required to pay for this service! You will be prompted for verification of payment at that time. As soon as your site is published , be sure to use it in all of your Notary advertising as web presence can make a huge difference in marketing to new clients.

Your website address will begin with your choice of one of the following URLs followed by the username you choose. For example, suppose Joseph Jones decides to use JJones as his username and selects "notarysociety.com" as the URL, Mr. Jones's website address will be found at www.notarysociety.com/jjones


You will be able to select from one of 7 professionally designed website templates, and from these templates you will be prompted to add your personal information. You will not need to know anything at all about website design as it will all be done automatically for you!

Have fun and don't forget to let everyone know about your site!

1) Scroll down and begin by registering your new site. This process will reserve your site based on your current email address and a username you select for this site. Once you have registered, you will begin creating your new site.

2) IMPORTANT! If you have alteady registered once and you have either started creating your website or you want to change your website, you need to log in. Use the left column called "Existing Users" if you have already registered. You will only need to register once to reserve your website space on our servers. Once you have registered, please write down your username, password and email address you indicated in your registration. It will be necessary to login to your own personal website in order to make changes. Your site is accessable 24/7 to make changes or updates.

3) Another word about USER NAMES
Towards the end of creating your site, you will need to decide with which URL you want your site to be associated. Your website address will include the selected URL followed by the username you selected when you registered for your website space (see #1 above). Your username should be easy to remember or something difinitive about you. It does not matter whether you use caps or not as web addresses are not case sensitive.


To begin creating your site, register or log in now.