•  Mobile Notary - $10 per
           signature notarized plus
           time & travel fees ($40 min).

  •  Loan Documents - $125 per
           loan purchase or refinance.
Services and Fees Monday - Friday
12:00AM - 11:59PM

Saturday & Sunday
12:00AM - 11:59PM

My Specialties
I specialize in the following types of notarizations:
   Acknowledgements & Jurats
   Affiant Statements
   Affidavits of Death of Joint Tenant
   Powers of Attorney
   Certifications of Power of Attorney
   Grant Deeds
   Quitclaim Deeds
   Deeds of Trust
   Deeds of Reconveyance
   Permission to Travel for Minors
   Wills & Living Trusts*
   * (Verification from a licensed attorney-in-law required)

I specialize in the following types of loan packages:
   REO Purchases
   Loan Modifications
   Reverse Mortgages
   Automotive Financing

You can find a more detailed description of my notary signing services here.

I also perform the following services:
   I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
   Field Surveying
   Insurance Inspections

ID Requirements
Each signing party must provide one of the following types of identification:
(All ID must include the signer's description, picture, signature, and include a ID number)

   California State Driver's License
   Any other State Driver's License
   Canadian Driver's License
   Mexican Driver's License
   US Passport
   US stamped Canadian or Mexican Passport
   California Identification Card
   Any other State Identification Card
   Employee Card issued by a State, County, City Agency or Office
   Identification Card issued by a branch of the Armed Forces
   Two Credible Witnesses*
   * (Witnesses must know the signer, provide valid ID, and share no financial interest in the

The following are INVALID forms of identification:
   International Driver's License
   Perminate Resident Card
   Social Security Card
   Wedding Certificate
   Birth Certificate
   Student ID Card

Regarding Notary Services

A notary public verifies only the identity of the individual who signs the
document and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of that document.

Please note that I am not a licensed attorney and therefore cannot
provide legal advice or guidance regarding any documents I notarize.

My Promise to You
Certifications and Customer Testimonials

As a Notary Public for the fine state of California, I promise to efficiently fulfill all your notary needs in a timely manner.

-Tyler Soares

Tyler Soares
Certified Notary Public
  • Phone:(209) 754-4685
  • Cell:(209) 256-1741
  • Fax:(630) 733-5956